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I cant say enough good things about this firearm though. Additionally, the g22 can still be purchased with the normal thirdgeneration frame. Durable, accurate, reliable and affordable, glocks offer toptier performance at a cost well within the reach of the average shooter. When you investigate the individual advantages of a glock, youll see that it will outperform whatever youre shooting now. This is my first glock and, i gotta tell you, it lives up to its name. Glock22 rtf2glock 19 gen3 fort walton beach florida. The standard factory sights are good enough for a little practice shooting. If at any time you are not 100% satisfied in anyway please let us know so we can correct the problem to your satisfaction. No matter which glock pistol you choose, it will deliver on our promise of safety, reliability, and. Glock 17 rtf2 rough textured frame 2 the g17 rtf2 is the second pistol that glock, inc.

At the 2009 shot show, glock introduced a new texture called rtf2. Glock only takes orders from police departments for the rtf2. See more ideas about hand guns, guns and guns and ammo. Since g1722 and g1923 frames are identical, picking up a cheaper. The newly designed frame incorporates more than 4,000 raised pyramids on the front, rear and sides of the polymer receiver and has a newly designed crescent shaped serration. They cover the entire gripping surface, including the dualsided thumb rest depressions. Rtf2 will no longer be made by glock and the slide serrations where switched back to regular straight ones early this year. The glock has no striker indicator to determine if the striker is in a cocked position. Each glock pistol was designed and engineered to respond to our customers needs. You wouldnt believe the amount of flak im catching from work. Glock22 no longer for sale glock 19 gen 3 factory box and accessories two 10 round magazines and one 17 rnd mag with extension located in fwb. The glock holsters page is an additional place to search for glock 22 holsters that we offer from other holster manufacturers.

Brand new in the box g23 rtf2 i dont need taking up safe space anymore. I dont know much about these in particular but i do own a lot of other glocks. Glock pistols are the perfect combination of reliability and accuracy. Back by popular demand, but for a limited time only, are gen 3 glock pistols with the companys rtf2 checkering. I recently purchased a glock 17 with what is called the rtf2 or rough textured frame. Lav glock 1719 rtf2 courtesy of lipseys if this is your first visit, be sure to check out the faq by clicking the link above. Glock offers over 50 pistols in a variety of sizes, calibers and styles. If you are someone who likes glocks, once you have an rtf2 framed glock in your hands, you will probably never let it go.

The average shooter would probably prefer the adjustability of the gen 4s interchangeable backstraps, but given the price difference and the fact that it fits my hands without modification i decided to stick with the rtf2 model. Should there be a holster by galco or any other glock 22 holster you are searching for and are. Imho they are by far the best looking glocks out there. S0ldrtf2 glock 22 discussion in soldexpired started by irockglock, aug 26, 2017. Check out our assortment of glock 22 holsters by galco. I personally would rather have a rtf2 with the gills. The glock 22 rtf rough texture frame is a new version of the glock 22 in. If you own the glock 22, youd probably agree though that the stock sights leave much to be desired. After the release of the gen4 glocks, glock discontinued the rtf2 glocks for civilian sales. The new rtf design has more than 4,000 raised pyramids on the front, rear and sides of the polymer receiver. Would you rather have a gen 4 glock or a glock rtf2. Question about the discontinued glock rtf2 the high road. Select a make 1911 2011 accuii accumag accuracy international aero agnstadt arms ak47 ak74 akm.

This will be my first glock, however, its not the first glock ive ever handledshoot before. Today, countless police units in the united states and throughout the world put their trust in the 15round glock 22. Glock offering gen3 pistols with rtf2 grips for limited time. The texture on the 22 rtf is a series of raised, tapered points called a polymids, a newlycoined word from glock. Their hightech engineering and construction create a handgun that can stand up to more punishment than even the most unforgiving conditions can generate. French army adopted the g17 gen5 as their new standard handgun.

Need to sell my glock 22 rtf2 with fish gill slide serrations. Its typically reliable, lightweight, soft shooting, more accurate than 99% of the people that shoot it, and extremely simple in design and function. Extend the life of your glock by learning about proper care and cleaning. These guns had serial numbers beginning with a two letter alpha prefix of af followed by a three digit number. Registering your glock provides an additional level of protection and allows glock to provide you with timely information, quickly and efficiently. Because of its unsurpassed reliability, aboveaverage magazine capacity of 17 cartridges in the standard magazine and its low weight, it is trusted by law enforcement officers in their daily duties throughout the world. Still has gold shipping grease from the factory intact. Would you rather have a gen 4 glock or a glock rtf2 just like the title says. According to company literature, the first glock pistols imported into the u. Proper care of your pistol is the key to keeping it in good condition. The pistol uses a modified slide, frame, and barrel to account for the differences in size and power of the. Not so much with the rtf2 frame but with the so called fish gill scalloped slide serrations. Id like to keep this discussion particularly about the glock 17.

Its the same as the glock 22 that we all know with a new rough textured frame rtf and curved slide pulls sometimes referred to as the gills. Glock gen5 pistols say goodbye to finger grooves launched as a result of popular demand, the g17 and g22 pistols are available in either standard or scalloped serrations on the rear slide. I knew i was going to catch some flak from my 1911 brothers out there for selecting, of all guns, the glock in a. If police want to get them from a 3rd party i guess they can. This means for every two letter combination, there were up to 1,000 pistols produced with numbers from 000 to 999. The rtf2 rough texture frame 2 finish on the frame is a big plus for me. It is our goal to have the best customer service in the industry and the best oem and aftermarket parts for your glock 19, glock 43 and more. Fortunately, the glock representative told me that the rtf2 was limited to the glock 22 at this time.

The initial release of the glock gen3 rtf2 s in 2009, with the g17 and g22, where met with a lot of visualcosmetic speculation. S0ldrtf2 glock 22 the leading glock discussion forum. The grip on the g22 rtf2 featured finger recesses and an accessory rail with a single crosscut. Join date oct 2008 location my heart at the sea and my soul in the mountains posts 12,740.

These pyramids are also located in the thumb rests for increased grip surface. If the rtf2 proves to be popular, the glock 17 will be the next firearm to receive the treatment, followed by others in the line. Glock was the first manufacturer to make the advantages of this balanced caliber accessible to law enforcement agencies in a perfect pistol. The glock 17 in caliber 9x19 is the most widely used law enforcement pistol worldwide. Stay connected with glock for news, events and more. My point is the only way the rtf2 an be had is if a police department puts an order in with glock themself. This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the state of california to cause cancer and birth defects or. Because of its unsurpassed reliability, aboveaverage magazine capacity of 17 rounds in the standard magazine, and its low weight, it is trusted by law enforcement officers around the globe. Designed for professionals, the glock 17, in 9x19, is the most widely used law enforcement pistol worldwide.

Claiming to be the the new standard for operators working in the harshest conditions imaginable, the rtf2 features a new style of texturing on the grip frame, and a new serration pattern on the rear of the slide. My glock 17 rtf2 i think that people that claim their g failed either did a humpty on it or shoot shit ammo. From my understanding these are exactly the same as a standard gen 3, the only difference being merely cosmetic. Being a leading dealer of galco holsters, opticsplanet has access to the entire galco glock 22 holster lineup. Cant believe glock doesnt have this frame in their current line up other than the larry vickers model that i just picked up which isnt even featured on their website. Brownells is your source for glock 22 parts at brownells. The gun is solid, reliable, and doesnt require much maintenance. Glock 19 rtf2 night sights item description excellent condition i would rate 98% of new glock 19, third generation gun rtf2 grip with rounded fish gill serrations on the slide. They are not sold to middle men for resale at shops that sell to civilians for civilian sale. Glock has announced that it is offering g17, g19 and g22 gen3 models with rtf2 grips related story.

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