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This pat testing log book should be used to record pat test results from multiple sites. Portable appliance testing, pat testers and pat training. We are official distributors for seaward, megger and fluke. We use cookies to help the site work correctly, improve the experience, collect performance data and assist with our marketing.

Most electrical safety defects can be found by visual examination but some types of defect can only be found by testing. This book has as much detail within its pages as the iee. A someone who teaches pat testing this book alone will not get you through the city and guilds exam. There are a number of publications available but we feel that one of the best guides is the handbook of portable appliance testing which contains a wealth of. This site is intended as a guide to both the legal implications and to the technical requirements. Why pat test pat testing information pat perspective. Since 1996 we have been testing electrical appliances for a number of well. Finally on a lighter note i will give you a brief update on the progress of my book project newcastle old and new the story so far which soft.

Determining what needs to be pat tested is not as difficult as it sounds. Me pat services september 2016 newsletter mepat testing. The pat directory pat testing companies in derbyshire. The date on which re testing is due or the last test date and re test period should be stated. A portable appliance testing service is available in london and the southeast of the uk, proffessional and affordable from 0. Each sheet has space for 22 individual records, meaning. Portable appliance testing, pat testers and pat training courses. Your landlord may take responsibility for certain things like maintenance. All pat technicians who dont already have a copy should consider purchasing one as it will prove invaluable in some situations. About pat testing accessories while many pat testers can perform a lot of functions, using highquality pat testing accessories can enhance the abilities of both you and your tester. Portable appliance testing pat, pat inspection or redundantly as pat testing is the name of a process in the united kingdom, the republic of ireland, new zealand and australia by which electrical. Pat testing certificate how to keep pat testing records. Pat testing safety testing for electrical appliances in. A guide to pat testing 3 n exposure to live, conductive parts due to damage to the outer casing of the equipment.

When performing portable appliance testing, you may think youve caught everything. Pat testing poole, portable appliance testing, dorset. I would like to say how very nice the engineer was. This is the term used to describe portable items that need to be tested once a year due to government legislation. However, it is essential to understand that visual examination is an. Pat testing books are arguably one of the most essential accessories available. Pat testing stands for portable application testing. Conforming to pat testing regulations will help you to ensure that the portable appliances in your business are safe and help you to avoid violations.

Portable appliance testing pat is the term used to describe the examination of electrical appliances and equipment to ensure they are safe to use. Portable appliance testing commonly referred to as pat testing is a systematic approach to ensuring your portable appliances are safe for continued use. Students can download a copy of our training manual to study at home before the course. Portable appliance testing for offices heres what you need to know. Save your money and buy the iet in service inspection. This book gives advice and guidance to questions which commonly arise during inspection and testing. Youve tested the computers, youve thoroughly checked over your kettle and youve delved into the quality of your laptop chargers. Niceic join our schemes and be recognised for the work. Portable appliance testing provides an instant visual confirmation of portable appliances, via correct and up to date labelling, this ensures that maintenance has been carried out and the equipment in question. This qualification is designed for individuals who want to carry out portable appliance testing pat. A qualified engineer performs an a number of tests to ensure that. Pat testing procedure for offices portable appliance. Patpals offers pat testing across the south coast, covering london, eastbourne, bournemouth, reading, chippenham and surrounding areas. Pat testing log book syam patlb100 the safety centre pat.

For the purpose of legislation, portable appliances include all equipment that is not part of a fixed installation but is meant to be connected to a fixed installation or generator. Essentially, this is a common sense safety regulation to ensure that any people. An efficient pat testing service tailored around your needs for minimum disruption. Lacey electrical contractors provide pat testing services for many of its clients. Level 3 certificate for the code of practice for inservice inspection and testing of.

To book your pat testing in glasgow or nearby use the contact form on the contact page or call david on 0141 423 6978 or mobile 0797 665 3978. The complete reference book for anyone wanting to carry out pat testing 1st by seggy t. Pat testing portable appliance testing free information. Book a free demo call screen share with our industry specialist start free 30day trial pat.

Hawkesworth appliance testing are the uks leading portable appliance testing company. It t eaches you how to inspect and test electrical appliances for safety. The book will illustrate that all electrical appliances deemed neccessary have been inspectedtested, in accordance. Portable appliance testing or pat testing is the process of checking electrical appliances for safety through a. When renting a commercial property, many of your responsibilities as a tenant will depend on what has been stipulated in your lease. We can also provide you with a detailed report in pdf. We offer competitive rates for a high quality service. The book contains 50 carbon copy pat testing records, allowing you to keep a record for yourself and also give a copy to your customers as well.

Portable appliance testing pat testing service from kacitech based in staffordshire, england. Patpals pat testing reading and pat testing oxford. Our pat training course is a full day course, conducted by one of our qualified pat training instructor with many years of experience in the pat training field this pat training course is provided on a one. The syam patlb100 isa pat testing log book used to create a register of the electrical appliances in a premises or building.

The electricity at work regulations 1989 requires that electrical equipment that has the potential to cause injury is maintained in a safe. University of wisconsin pesticide applicator training. Pat or pat testing stands for portable appliance testing and is a way of complying with the multiple health and safety legislations. The main reason to carry out pat testing is to determine whether electrical equipment is fit for continued. By continuing to use our website you agree to our use of cookies. Pat or portable appliance testing is a policy in the uk in which routine safety checks are performed on electrical appliances. Pat testing course in portsmouth pat testing courses for. In order to comply with the legislation, portable appliance testing pat, should be carried out by a competent person. The handbook of pat testing with many colour and diagrammatical detail. This site is a useful resource for anyone undertaking portable appliance testing in offices, hotels, schools, warehouses, factories and.

The iet code of practice for inservice inspection and testing of electrical equipment. Portable appliance testing pat is a process by which portable electrical. A good solid basis on which to learn about in service testing. Inservice inspection and testing of electrical equipment 3 by brian scaddan ieng, miie elec isbn. Watch support videos about all aspects of pat testing portable appliance testing. Any appliance that uses a flexible cable or plug and socket. Information about how to keep pat testing records from pat testing expert. It would have been nice to see a close up of the screen on the device while it was testing. Our professional pat testing service comes with detailed reports and an official certificate of compliance. Periodic inspections carried out by highly trained electricians who will find any electrical.

An absolute detailed book for any intending to work in the pat testing field. Schedule pat testing jobs, deploy visits to your engineers pat testing app and invoice from a single system. Who is responsible for pat testing in a rented office. We provide portable appliance testing to enable businesses in bolton to comply with the electricity at work and insurance regulations if your company requires pat testing in bolton or. With detailed information on all aspects of the industry, regulations and best practice guides, pat testing. The substitute leakage test was first introduced in the 3 rd edition in section 10. This book gives you the basics of the subject, including legislation as well as actual testing. Pat testing in birmingham fire safety managers ltd.

Hawkesworth appliance testing eicr pat testing company. This publication is the essential book for anyone in the industry and covers all aspects of the law regarding testing procedure and electrical appliances. The complete reference book for anyone wanting to carry out pat testing on. Most office staff use electrical equipment, but if electrical equipment is unsafe it could cause personal injury, workplace. Testing kacitech pat testing portable appliance testing. The manual includes over 100 practice exam questions and answers. Are you up to date with your portable appliance testing. Changes to the iet code of practice pat testing courses. The complete reference book for anyone wanting to carry out pat testing by seggy t. Our highly experienced engineers have been performing pat testing for many years. Also covered are the legal requirements relating to pat testing, the iee code of practice, methods for the accurate recording of results and learning how to use a pat tester. Contains a link to a free spreadsheet template you can use as well as free pat testing certificates, reports, as well as other information. You probably think youve tested everything and are safe for the next year, but what most people dont remember is that any new items coming into the organisation are. The previous versions have no mention of this test.

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